Umajin Dashboard


Digital Dashboards allow visualization of your key information in real time.

Umajin can read from the Amazon IoT layer and the Azure IoT layer or from common Enterprise systems. You can also implement custom connectors in Javascript.

Dashboards can include actionable control interfaces to allow immediate response to incoming alerts.

Umajin supports advanced embedded camera systems which can capture the physical state of the real world through machine vision. Tasks include reading gauges and meters, counting objects and detecting the presence or absence of templates. This data can also be streamed and integrated into Dashboards.

Real Time Dashboard for PwC Connected Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2019

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Any Device

Dashboards can be delivered onto any device, desktop or mobile.

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Library of Widgets

Umajin includes a visually appealing library of pre-built components and charts.

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Connectors are available to Umajin SmartSensors and industry IOT data hubs.

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Dashboards can more than display data, they can also include actionable business processes.

Including capturing data, approval steps and triggering secondary processes.